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What Are the Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) ?

What Are the Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) ?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where the penis is unable to become erect or to keep an erection for long. It can happen to any man of any age or lifestyle, although it is more common in certain groups. It is so common because it has many causes, both physical and psychological. Fortunately, there are also myriad treatments that are extremely successful. Below you will find the main causes of erectile dysfunction and the treatments available.

Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – Vascular Diseases

In order for an erection to occur, there must be proper blood flow to the penis. Hardening of the arteries, or atherosclerosis, high blood pressure or hypertension, and high cholesterol can all cause erectile dysfunction by restricting the flow of blood to the penis. Atherosclerosis accounts for 50%-60% of ED cases in men over age 60 by itself.

Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – Kidney Disease

Kidney disease changes the chemistry of the body. These changes affect various parts of the body such as energy levels, circulation, nerve functions, and hormones and can affect sex drive and ability. The medications used to treat kidney disease can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – Diabetes

Almost half of men who have diabetes experience erectile dysfunction. The nerve damage and deterioration of the arteries can lead to erectile dysfunction. Blood flow disruption to the penis will result in extreme difficulty obtaining an erection.

Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – Injury to the Penis

A blunt force trauma to the penis can cripple veins and arteries in the penis making it impossible to get enough blood flow. A serious burn or laceration can also be damaging enough to restrict an erection.

Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – Prostate Cancer

The treatment for prostate cancer is the actual culprit not the disease itself. The treatments and medicines for prostate cancer have been known to cause erectile dysfunction.

Other Types of Contributing Factors Of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

• There are also a number of other factors that can cause erectile dysfunction that are not necessarily physical problems. Here are a few other causes of erectile dysfunction:
• Bad Life Habits- Smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs can all make you have trouble getting and keeping an erection. They can also exacerbate other problems such a diabetes and hardening of the arteries which cause erectile dysfunction.
• Medications – There are all sorts of medications that can cause a problem with an erection. In fact, there are over 200 drugs that can have an adverse effect on an erection.
• Stressors – Sexual performance anxiety, depression, and general life stress are never friends to an erection. They can make it difficult to impossible to get one.
• Surgery – Having any sort of invasive surgery can make it impossible to have an erection for a while. This is even truer if it is for colon, prostate, or bladder cancer.
• Peyronie’s Disease – is scar tissue that forma inside the penis. The fibrous scar tissue causes the penis to bend and makes erections painful. The cause is unclear. It could be a genetic condition, or it may be from an injury to the penis such as a sharp bend or hard impact that caused it to bleed on the inside.
• Chronic Illness – Any sort of chronic illness will make getting an erection difficult.
• Penile Venous Insufficiency – This affliction most often effects younger men as opposed to most erectile dysfunction causes which effect older men. It is a condition where the veins cannot keep the blood in the penis long enough to sustain an erection.
• Questionable Habits – Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and doing recreational drugs can cause impotence in any age man. This is especially true if usage is heavy and lasting for several years.
Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, can happen at any stage of life to any male. It can last only for one sexual experience or it can be a more serious issue plaguing men for months or years. It has many causes and can very serious or just a menial issue. If erectile dysfunction has become a regular part of your sex life, a trip to your doctor can help. Many men are too embarrassed to see a doctor but there are a lot of online clinics to get erectile dysfunction meds, such as BlueChew, where there are no doctors appoints and no waiting rooms, making telling the doctor about it so much easier.

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