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Why telemedicine products like Bluechew have exploded during quarantine

Why telemedicine products like Bluechew have exploded during quarantine

BlueChew and similar products are enjoying a huge boost in consumer use. Telemedicine (Guide To Telemedicine) has become an important option in these days of quarantines and sheltering at home. There are many benefits to telemedicine both during and after this global health crisis.

Many surprising things have changed since the onset of COVID-19. One thing that may not be so surprising is the large jump in data usage. According to PC Magazine, data usage has increased by 47% since the pandemic began. While not surprising given the quarantines, there are some other surprising things happening as a result.

Easy Access

What could be easier than visiting your doctor from the safety of your home? Many would have never considered telemedicine a viable option before. The thinking is generally that a doctor must see you in the flesh to correctly diagnose a health issue. That has been proven false. Of course, some tests must be done in a lab or office but even those samples can be mailed in or dropped off.
During a pandemic, when its dangerous to be in a busy doctor’s waiting room, telemedicine is the answer.

Privacy Issues When You Buy BlueChew and Telemedicine

Even if you just have a stuffy nose, it can be uncomfortable running into people you know at the doctor’s office or urgent care. We do not always feel comfortable with other people knowing our health issues. When it is something more personal, such as ED meds or COVID-19, it can be embarrassing for others to discover. Telemedicine allows us to keep our privacy. No one is privy to the appointment and results but you and your healthcare specialist. Your prescriptions are mailed to you in plain packaging. Your health is nobody’s business but your own.

Do not Spread the Symptoms When Using Telemedicine

Patients with COVID, flu, strep and other contagious illnesses can stay home for their healthcare consultations and avoid subjecting others to their symptoms. Have you ever been in a doctor’s office during flu time? People in all stages of illness share the same space as healthy people. If you were not sick when you got there, there is a good possibility you will be when you leave.

Protect Healthcare Workers

If you are sick, you put everyone around you in jeopardy, including healthcare workers. Telemedicine protects you and other patients, but also the doctors, nurses, and healthcare specialists who are trying to heal you. It prevents you from spreading germs to others and being infected by others. Our healthcare workers are vital to existence at all times, but during these times of insecurity, even more so. At-Risk Patient SafetyOne important feature of telemedicine is the opportunity for at-risk patients to avoid exposure to COVID and other contagions. This not only protects the health of the ill but also knocks down healthcare costs considerably. COVID is deadly to those with compromised health. Video visits keep them safe. First-time buyers often ask, is Bluechew safe? Can I buy legitimate medicines online for any of my ailments? The answer is a resounding YES! Telemedicine doctors are real doctors with real degrees. You are treated the same as any other patient. The medicines you are prescribed are as real as any you can pick up at the pharmacy.

Cost Efficient

When you order BlueChew, you get the same exact medicine you would in a doctor’s office but at a cheaper price. Telemedicine is dropping healthcare costs rapidly. A study from The Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention showed people who use telemedicine save money on healthcare costs. They spend less time in the hospital and less spending on secondary costs such as gas and childcare.

Improved Access

People with compromised health, the elderly, rural residents, and those incarcerated or quarantined can access quality healthcare despite their problems. Gaining easy access to healthcare makes everything better. Fewer costs associated with doctor visits, faster treatment, and privacy are all benefits of improved access to medical professionals.

Telemedicine products like BlueChew have exploded during quarantine because it fills a need of the American public. Many feel that its time has come, and congress should pass more bills to ensure private insurers cover the costs. Whether it is here to stay or not is still anyone’s guess, but it certainly looks promising.

BlueChew is safe to buy online, as are all other medicines with a doctor’s discretion. While COVID may have started this health trend, it has proven to be beneficial to patients and the healthcare industry alike.

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