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How BlueChew Can Help My Erectile Dysfunction

How BlueChew Can Help My Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is not as big a deal as it feels like the first time it happens. While erectile dysfunction can be a product of getting older, it isn’t always. It can happen at any time or any age. There are a lot of things that can affect a man’s ability to achieve a lasting erection and most men experience this malady more than once in their life. It is easily dealt with and does not have to cause you any stress or embarrassment. BlueChew is one of many erectile dysfunction meds on the market today but the only one with the distinctive features that make it stand out in the crowd of erectile dysfunction drugs coming out each year. Here is how BlueChew can help your erectile dysfunction

BlueChew is the Same as Viagra

The most obvious answer to how BlueChew can help with erectile dysfunction is its chemical make-up. BlueChew has the exact same active ingredient as Viagra, Sildenafil. BlueChew comes in the same prescription strengths as Viagra. It works in the same fashion scientifically. Blood flow is key to an erection, no matter who you are. BlueCHew increases the flow of blood into the penis just as good as Viagra or any other name brand erectile dysfunction medicine or treatment. There is no difference in the Sildenafil in a prescription of Viagra and that of BlueChew.

Nothing Makes You Feel Better About Erectile Dysfunction

Feeling desirable and being able to perform when the time comes can make or break a man’s self-esteem. Nothing makes you feel as good as knowing you have pleased your woman sexually. It not only gives you a powerful boost to the ego, but there are many other benefits that go hand-in-hand with good sex. Lower blood pressure, more efficient immune system, less likelihood of prostate cancer, and less anxiety are all products of good sex. BlueChew ensures users are able to attain an erection that lasts long enough to reap the benefits of good sex.

Relaxing the Muscles is Important To Help Erectile Dysfunction

One of the ways that BlueChew helps manage erectile dysfunction is by relaxing the muscles that aid in gaining an erection. Sexual stimulation works as the “on switch” to BlueChew. Once you are stimulated, the drugs contained in BlueChew, specifically cyclic guanosine monophosphate, relaxes the muscles and tissue which allows blood to flow freely into the penis and stay there until it’s no longer needed.

Understanding Erections to Understand BlueChew

When a man is sexually stimulated, nitric oxide (NO) is released from the penis’s corpus cavernosum endothelial glands and various nerve endings. As this occurs, enzymes are converting GTP, or guanosine triphosphate, into cGMP, or cyclic guanosine monophosphate. It is the cGMP which relaxes the penis muscle and allows the blood to flow in and cause an erection. When an erection is no longer needed, the cGMP is converted back into GMP, which is inactive. Erectile dysfunction often means a lack of nitric oxide. The rate in which some men produce cGMP is broken down at the same rate, leaving them no room for an erection. BlueChew inhibits PDE5, or phosphodiesterase type 5, the enzyme responsible for hydrolyzing the cGMP. This inhibiting means cGMP is not converted back to GMP as quickly and the penis muscle is able to relax for quite a while.

Safety is Inspiring

One way in which BlueChew helps against erectile dysfunction is by giving you a feeling of security. While this little chewable tablet rests in your pocket, you know that it is waiting and ready when you need it. This small sense of security is a huge boost to confidence and libido. All the anxiety connected to getting an erection, using it, and keeping it around for as long as you’d like, is significantly diminished with only the knowledge of its existence in your pocket. You know its there and you can take it when you need it. Peace of mind goes a long way when it comes to diminishing sexual performance anxiety.
BlueChew is a fast and convenient way to control erectile dysfunction issues. The online ordering procedure takes the sting out of admitting there is a problem in the bedroom. While it is more convenient, it isn’t any less effective. The active ingredients are the same, making this product every bit as good at its job as pricier name brands.

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