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What Are the Health Risks of Erectile Dysfunction Pills Such as Bluechew?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem experienced by most men and easily treated with a variety of medicines. The medicines in ED drugs like BlueChew, Viagra, and Cialis are FDA approved. They have been found to be safe and helpful for those experiencing erectile dysfunction.
Regardless of how safe it is, when we take any sort of medicine there is always a concern for health risks. As if worrying about ED isn’t enough, we have to worry about risks of the solution too. Or do we?

The Truth About BlueChew and ED Drugs

The truth is BlueChew and erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra and Cialis are completely safe. There are a few minor side effects associated with them, but that’s about as risky as they get. In fact, there are even a few studies that point to some health benefits.
The one exception are people with existing conditions and heart trouble. For this reason, erectile dysfunction drugs should never be used without a prescription.

The Side Effects of BlueChew, Viagra, and Cialis

Erectile dysfunction drugs like BlueChew have a few side effects. They are minor issues that do not affect everyone. These side effects do not last long or happen after every use. The most common include:
• Headaches
• Flushed complexion
• Nausea
• Congestion
• Dizziness

Health Risk 1 – Headaches
The most commonly reported side effect from BlueChew and other ED drugs is headaches. They are caused from the higher levels of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide increases the blood flow, which causes headaches. This symptom happens with all types of ED drugs.

Health Risk 2 – Flushing
Flushing is a redness in your face and hands. It can sometimes be seen in your torso or legs. It is the result of the increased blood flow and typically harmless. It usually goes away quickly, but there are a few things that can make it worse. Drinking alcohol, eating spicey foods, and being in a hot environment can exacerbate flushes.

Health Risk 3 – Nausea and Digestion Issues
Indigestion, nausea, and diarrhea can occur when taking ED drugs. Dietary changes are the best way to combat this simple problem. Drink more water and fewer caffeinated beverages and alcoholic drinks.

Health Risk 4 – Congestion
A congested nasal passage or a runny nose can both be problematic with ED drugs occasionally. It is only a temporary problem and usually goes away on its own in just a few hours. If symptoms persist, a doctor’s visit is in order.

Health Risk 5 – Dizziness
Another result of increased blood flow throughout the body is dizziness. It passes quickly and doesn’t happen often. If dizziness is persistent on any ED medication, you should talk with your doctor before taking it again.

Infrequent Serious Side Effects

While most side effects of BlueChew and Viagra are minor and common, in a small percentage of people some can be dangerous. These more severe side effects can include:

• Loss of vision
• Hearing loss or change
• Priapism (an erection lasting more than four hours)

Priapism occurs when the blood vessels, nerves, and muscles responsible for an erection are not properly functioning. Phenylephrine is often administered to constrict the blood vessels and prohibit blood flow. In some cases, a small needle is used to drain blood from the penis in a procedure called aspiration. A shunt may also be used to reroute excess fluids. These symptoms are considered extreme. You should call your doctor or seek immediate care if you experience any of these.

Heath Risks with Cardiac Drugs

Taking erectile dysfunction drugs of any kind, including BlueChew, with nitrates could cause blood pressure to drop perilously low. Alpha blockers, commonly prescribed for urinary tract infections, can also drop blood pressure.
Men who have suffered heart attacks and strokes within six months, have congestive heart failure, blood pressure problems, or unstable angina should use extreme caution when considering ED drugs. Only take prescription drugs that are prescribed to you after discussing all health-related issues with your doctor.

The Good News

A recent study showed a decrease of 18% in deaths of colon cancer patients. BlueChew, Viagra, and other ED drugs are PDE5 inhibitors. These types of drugs show anti-cancer properties in many cases and may lengthen the life of people with advanced cancers. BlueChew, Viagra, Cialis and other erectile drugs are approved by the FDA and proven to be successful in their job. It has saved relationships and restored self-confidence for decades. There is no doubt that these drugs have many advantages, but their few disadvantages must be taken seriously.

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