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Does BlueChew Improve Tantric Sex?

Does BlueChew Improve Tantric Sex?

Its pretty obvious that a full, strong erection improves the sexual experience exponentially. What many people do not realize is how much more there is to sex than what we traditionally think. BlueChew is an ED drug that gives you a massive erection able to accomplish the most adventurous of sexual activities, even tantric sex.

What is Tantric Sex and How Can BlueChew Help?

Tantric sex is an approach to lovemaking that employs the ancient practice of tantra. Those who practice tantra believe everything in life is part of the path to spiritual awakening, including sex. Sex becomes a sacred act full of intimacy and gratitude. This can be a drastic change for those who associate sex with feelings of guilt or shame.
Much like yoga, tantric sex is part of a spiritual journey, but you don’t have to be a spiritual person to appreciate the benefits of either. It is still possible to feel the vitality of life, deep pleasure, connection, and intimacy without venturing to a monastery in the alps because you have BlueChew on your side.

How to Have Tantric Sex with BlueChew

The main point to tantric sex is that it is about so much more than the orgasm. There is no goal in tantric sex. Instead of working toward an orgasm, you are worshiping your partners body and your own. Each aspect is properly acknowledged and accepted. Beginners to tantric sex find it helpful to make their bedroom comforting and sensuous by using clean linens and blankets, lighting scented candles and incense, and playing soft music that puts you in a sensual state of mind. Try dim lighting but not completely dark to add an air of eroticism.

It also helps to prepare yourself as if for an important ceremony. Take great care in your hygiene and choices of cologne, lotions, and cosmetics. Sex with someone you care about is an emotional experience. Tantric sex is rejoicing in that emotion as much as the actual act.

Taking your BlueChew is part of the preparations. You realize you are taking a step to share your body and mind with someone you care for.

The Four Steps To Tantric Sex

Mastering each fully ensures the experience is as spectacular as possible. Many practitioners believe it is important to have solo tantric sex before introducing a partner. Tantric masturbation is known as white tantra. Red tantra is tantric sex with two people.

Step #1: Being present in the moment may sound like a no-brainer when it comes to sex but think about it. How many times have you been in the middle of the action and start obsessing on if you’re doing it right? Or if she’s enjoying it? Or even if you double parked and will get a ticket later. Concentrate instead on where you’re feeling the strongest sensations and how soft her skin is in the chakra areas. Stay in the moment to reap the greatest rewards of tantric sex.

Step #2: Eye-gazing is the second step in red tantric sex. Nothing feels quite as intimate as staring deeply into another person’s eyes as they stare into yours. You become connected in the moment and a deeper understanding of each other takes place. This feeling lingers long after the sex act is complete.

Step #3: Kissing is also important in red tantric sex. There are so many health benefits of kissing that most people just don’t realize. Scientists have shown that kissing strengthens the bonds of a relationship. It also acts as an anxiety and stress reliever. It is essential during tantric sex because we want to be as close to our partner as possible, to be on one wavelength, feeling each other’s passion.

Step #4: Express yourself. Moan, groan, giggle, smile, and laugh. Red tantric sex is all about the journey into sexuality. Its about enjoying yourself and your partner. There is no benefit to holding in your joy. If you feel it show it. This makes it easier for your partner to know when they are doing something that works for you and it is a form of thanks, letting your partner and the universe know exactly how grateful you are.

It can get you down when erectile dysfunction is a part of your life. There is no need for stress, however. BlueChew can address ED issues for a fraction of what other drugs such as Viagra and Cialis cost. You are able to seek enlightenment in the world of tantric sex without an ounce of worry.

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