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bluechew cause hair loss

Does BlueChew Cause Hair Loss?… and other side effects of Bluechew

BlueChew is a new type of erectile dysfunction medicine that is sweeping the nation. It isn’t really anything new, it’s the same old medicines that are in popular brands. The difference is that BlueChew is chewable. But does Bluechew cause hair loss? Read on…

That one small convenience, in addition to the fact that you can purchase it entirely online without ever leaving home, has made BlueChew one of the most well-known brands of erectile dysfunction medicines in the country. Like all popular new things, people wonder about the side effects. Rumors float around and you hear things from people, making you a bit worried and perhaps skeptical of trying something that sounds so perfect. Does BlueChew cause hair loss? Does it give you indigestion or cause tumors?

For your convenience, we’ve listed the actual side effects of BlueChew and dispelled the most stubborn myths.

Does BlueChew Cause Hair Loss?

No! Bluechew does not cause hair loss. It won’t give you gout or hammer toe either. It might give you a slight headache, but you probably wont notice it much in the afterglow of the best sex of your life. In fact, sildenafil, one of the ingredients in BlueChew, is known to improve hair growth in some users. This is thought to be because of its power to generate new blood vessels in the scalp.

Can BlueChew Cause Priapism?

No. BlueChew works in conjunction with your thoughts and desires. There must first be an arousal of the mind before BlueChew can help with the arousal in your pants. Priapism, or erections lasting several hours, can happen if you are taking more ED drugs than BlueChew, or are taking BlueChew without a prescription.

What are the Real Side Effects of BlueChew?

BlueChew is an amazing chewable erectile dysfunction cure but it isn’t perfect. It can deliver some small side effects with its miraculous cure. Most people experience no side effects at all but some experience:
• Headaches
• Redness or flushing
• Indigestion
• Congestion

In some rare cases, side effects can be more serious. This usually happens if there is an underlying condition, which makes it very important to make sure you talk openly with your doctor during your online screening appointment for BlueChew. In these unusual cases, users could be affected by:
• Heart Problems
• Stroke
• Priapism
• Blood Pressure Issues
• Changes in Hearing
• Changes in Vison

BlueChew Does Not Have Many Side Effects

There are very few side effects to BlueChew and even fewer still that are harmful. There are far more benefits, even besides the obvious perfect erection.
One of the least recognized benefits to BlueChew is its ability to protect against bending and scarring of the penis. Sex with a barely hard penis can cause more problems than it solves. When a penis is not completely hard, it can bend and rip the tissue inside causing scarring and considerable pain.
Scar tissue is different than regular healthy tissue. If the tissues in your penis have been scarred, it can force your penis to curve and bend when erect in a condition called Peyronie’s disease. Using BlueChew ensures you will have a full and powerful erection when you need it. No worries about a flaccid or faltering erection.

BlueChew Can Help With Depression

Another unrecognized benefit is the kick in the teeth that BlueChew gives to depression, anxiety, and stress. There simply is no better stress reliever than good sex and BlueChew is there to make it happen. A regular, satisfying sex life boosts self-confidence and ego. It disperses depression and anxiety as well. The feeling of being close to someone and sharing your bodies is something that studies have shown to increase life spans and promote good health.
The bottom line is that BlueChew does have some minor side effects, but the benefits far outweigh them. Ordering is simple with an online doctor’s consultation and delivery directly to your home. The best way to avoid any side effects is to be open with your doctor and express all your needs and concerns. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Taking BlueChew exactly as prescribed is another way to avoid any pesky headaches or other side effects. While its all for fun and excitement, BlueChew is real medicine with real results. It should never be taken without a doctor’s permission and always exactly as prescribed. Not much to ask for the amazing benefits in that chewable tablet.

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