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Can BlueChew Help with All Types of Erectile Dysfunction?

Can BlueChew Help with All Types of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual problem for men of all ages and sizes.What many men dont realize is there are many different types of erectile dysfunction Men are embarrassed o admit they deal with it making it hard to accurately judge how many cases there really are. The condition is characterized by an inadequacy in forming and keeping a workable erection. It is not only embarrassing but also has other negative effects on sufferers. These are:
• More serious erections issues that hinder sex permanently
• Premature ejaculation
• Low libido (sex drive)
• Depression

Different Types Of Erectile Dysfunction

There are a few different types of erectile dysfunction with slightly differing characteristics. The four different types of erectile disfunction are drug or disease induced, psychological, Peyronie’s Disease, and priapism. They are identified as follows:
• Psychological Erectile dysfunction – This type of erectile dysfunction is caused by a mental issue. Often, a man is too stressed out about his life issues to be able to concentrate on sex. He may have just lost his job, been diagnosed with an illness, or be having some trouble with his children. Anything that over stresses the mind effects the body as well. Sexual performance anxiety falls under this category. This issue occurs when a man worries so much about doing well in bed, he can’t perform at all. The death of a loved one, such as a child or parent, can cause erectile dysfunction.
• Peyronie’s Disease – This cavernosal disease affects up to 10% of men. The connective tissue sheath of the penis which covers its spongey tissue causing it to become fibrous. The penis becomes curved and can be painful during an erection and sex. While we do not yet know exactly why this occurs, it is strongly thought to be a side effect of trauma to the penis as well as some genetic factors.
• Priapism – With Priapism, an erection is formed but it is painful and lengthy. So much so that it is considered a medical emergency. Treatment must be administered immediately to keep further damage from occurring to the penile cells. Oddly, priapism is not caused by anything sexual, but by blood disorder such as sickle cell anemia, and by antipsychotic and antidepressant drug side effects.
• Drug or Disease Induced – This type of erectile dysfunction occurs as a result of a drugs side effects or a disease like diabetes. Anything that can stop or slow down the flow of blood to the penis.
There are treatments available for each of these types of erectile disfunction. BlueChew is a chewable tablet used to treat erectile disfunction, but it isn’t for every type of the issue. Only a physician will be able to tell you for sure if BlueChew is appropriate to treat the type of erectile disfunction you’re suffering with but below are the main treatments for each type of erectile disfunction.


Which Types of Erectile Disfunction are Treatable with BlueChew?

Priapism cannot be treated with BlueChew. As a matter of fact, it could occur as a result of intaking too much BlueChew. Instead, blood could be drawn from the penis to decrease or remove the erection. Other treatments include intravenous drug administration, cold showers, and energetic exercise.
Peyronie’s Disease is another type of erectile disfunction that BlueChew is not recommended for. Men facing this issue have a curved penis due to fibrous scar tissue inside. Getting an erection can be painful if not impossible because of this scar tissue. Using BlueChew will cause an erection which could be severely damaging to the scar tissue already formed and cause it to worsen. BlueChew only increases blood flow to the penis. It does not correct the scar tissue causing the curvature.
Psychological erectile dysfunction can be treated with BlueChew but it is not the best choice.
Psychological erectile dysfunction has mental causations. Stress from bills, relationships with children and spouses, and job problems can all cause erectile dysfunction. While drugs like BlueChew will definitely help achieve an erection, they do not affect the underlying cause.
BlueChew is just as effective as any other type of erectile dysfunction medicine as it has the same active ingredient as Viagra. However, because of the way it works it is not suitable for every type of erectile dysfunction. For the best treatment, consult a doctor first. – GIVE BLUECHEW A TRY

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