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Is Bluechew the Solution for Whiskey Dick?

Is Bluechew the Solution for Whiskey Dick?

Whiskey dick is a slang term for alcohol induced erectile dysfunction. It happens when you drink so much you can’t achieve an erection. It sounds like a nightmare but there is a solution for Whiskey Dick and BlueChew is here to help.

How Does Whiskey Dick Happen?

It doesn’t matter if you just have a couple of beers or if you down 10 shots of Cuervo, whiskey dick can still happen. It isn’t so much the amount of alcohol you have as the effects it takes on your body. Getting an erection is a much more complicated process than most people understand. Alcohol has an effect on several of the steps in that process.

We all know the first step to an erection is attraction, but what happens next is much more complicated. When you feel sexual attraction to someone, your brain sends out signals to your penis so it knows it might be on call. There has to be a lot of blood ready to flow into the penis and the blood vessels have to be relaxed enough to allow the blood to flow into the penis for any action to take place. Adding alcohol to the mix can be a recipe for disaster. It can work against you from the very first moment by impeding your ability to concentrate. Without adequate concentration you can’t even begin to feel aroused.

Alcohol is a depressant of the central nervous system. It drastically slows the brain and nerves electrical activity making it harder to send messages to the penis. Alcohol is also highly dehydrating. Remember how much you pee when your drinking? It is not easy to get an erection when you are dehydrated and losing volume in your body since you need blood to get hard. The renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system is also affected by alcohol. In other words, alcohol shrinks the body’s blood vessels. All of these things are the true opposite of what you need in that moment.

How Does BlueChew Help with Erectile Dysfunction?

Doctors at BlueChew offer you a choice of two different types of ED meds called phosphodiesterase inhibitors. They are the same meds that are in the top brand erectile dysfunction drugs, Viagra, and Cialis. The main difference is how long they last. Your doctor will help you decide which one you need. BlueChew works by increasing the creation of nitric oxide, the job of which is to relax the penis muscles. You may be thinking that your penis is already too relaxed and that’s the problem. Not so. Inside your penis during ED, your muscles and blood vessels are tightly constricted, often due to alcohol intake. The phosphodiesterase inhibitors in BlueChew are taken by mouth either immediately before sex or once per day, depending on the type of medicine you’ve chosen.

Can BlueChew Be a Solution For Whiskey Dick?

There is no evidence that alcohol and BlueChew are a dangerous combination. While that does not mean it is a good idea to mix any drug with alcohol, it can be a solution to the damage a small amount of alcohol can do to your erection.

If you have only had a drink or two and are experiencing ED, your BlueChew should be able to help you out in a jam. If you are verging on blackout drunk, there isn’t anything that will power up your penis. Your best bet is to use another means to please your partner, or better yet, give her a raincheck.

How Can I Stop Whiskey Dick?

You absolutely can stop wicked whiskey dick with a chewable BlueChew tablet if you haven’t had that much to drink. You can also combine it with a few other techniques to enhance your success. Try these tips to help curb ED:

• Stop drinking: Don’t drink anymore alcohol if you think you might have an intimate moment later. Drink water to make sure you are properly hydrated enough to get an erection.

• Get some fresh air: Step outside for a few minutes and breath deep. Fill your lungs to the brim and blow out slowly through your mouth. Use the time to clear your head and steady your steps.

• Eat Something: Don’t eat a full meal, just enough to start soaking up some of the alcohol in your stomach. Alcohol is the mortal enemy of the erection. The best course of action if you plan or hope to engage in any sexual activity is to avoid alcohol all together or imbibe very little. BlueChew is an excellent, low cost choice for naturally occurring ED and can help with alcohol induced ED if you’re not too far gone.

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